"Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in,
where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul." —John Muir

Retreat to nature and linger in comfortable accommodations set in the private seclusion of five park-like acres of tranquility and inspiration.

From the front door, guided nature walks in the Redwoods with miles of trails that beckon your exploration.

Just five minutes from the artist colony of Mendocino, with its dramatic coastal Headlands, shops, galleries and restaurants, and lovely Big River State Park and Beach.
…an architectural classic, The BOOM


  1. Chain, cable, etc. serving to confine floating timber.
  2. Horizontal spars or poles for extending the feet of sails.
  3. A spar or beam supporting and guiding weights to lift.
  4. To make a deep, prolonged, resonant sound.
  5. To move with a resounding rush.
  6. To grow or flourish vigorously.

An art gallery, cozy lounge, library and studios are …the perfect setting for a sojourn!

The BOOM Roadhouse sits on a historic logging road that leads to Big River State Park, a protected estuary, and miles of back-woods “secret trails.” Local seasonal treats include birds, wildflowers, and mushrooms.

Many wild animals call this place home, including Douglas squirrel, deer, fox, bear and mountain lion. Quail roam the meadow, Pileated Woodpeckers and Northern Flickers forage, Osprey cry overhead, and Saw Whet owls are often heard after dark.

Awaken in “Shangri-la!” Thick cotton bathrobes are provided for getting to the indoor and outdoor shower and a redwood hot tub for star gazing.

Please note: Arrangements for studio space and in-house massage and spa treatments can be made with your reservations.

Gear to bring: warm layers, gloves, hat, rain gear and waterproof hiking boots. Optional: binoculars, camera, pen and note pad to record your own inspiration, and a swim suit for the hot tub or the beach.


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